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Our laser scanner is unaffected by dust, vibrations, wind, high temperatures, inclinations, moving parts, temperature and other factors that can influence the accuracy of the system. It requires little maintenance and just one calibration.

Transparent glass tends to reflect laser light, so the system cannot measure the cross profile of the material with accuracy Nel caso in cui fosse opaco o “sporco” potrebbe essere visibile.

An angle less than 18° can invalidate the measure

This varies with the load on the belt. A speed of at least 2m/s is required

A flux of at least 15/20 tonne/h is required

You can connect to the system via PC or USB, but it’s not the most convenient way. With the app you have all data in real time.

The material uniformity is crucial. The more constant the specific weight, the greater the precision in converting the volume into weight.

Actually Q-VOLUMETRIC costs just a little more than a traditional conveyor belt weighing system

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